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FREE 25 Days and lots of ways to make this Christmas a Cracker

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Over the 25 days we will workout, stretch and nourish our bodies.
You will be supported by me and the amazing people coming to talk to you on nutrition, anxiety and sleep so that we are mentally and physically ready for Christmas and 2022.

We are going to exercise together

We are going to learn new things together

We’re going to support each other

And we’re going to grow together

25 Days and lots of ways to make this Christmas a Cracker

Coming soon

Monday 18th October

  • 6:30am ~ Workout run by Kate Rowe-Ham
  • 5:00pm ~ Video Call ~ Hormones & (Breast Cancer) with Dr Annice Mukherjee
  • Included: Meal Plan for Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner

Tuesday 19th October

  • 6:30am ~ Workout run by Kate Rowe-Ham
  • 7:00pm ~ Video Call ~ Nutrition with Jen Huber, Menopause Nutritionist
  • Included: Meal Plan for Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner

Wednesday 20th October

  • 6.30am ~ Barre Class with Nicola Bryson
  • 10:00am ~ Video Call ~ Diane Danzebrink ~ Menopause Campaigner & Councillor
  • 7.00pm ~ Video Call ~ HRT with Dr Katie Armstrong
  • 8.30pm ~ Mindfulness Meditation run by Helen Fiddler
  • Included: Meal Plan for Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner

Thursday 21st October

  • 6:30am ~ Pilates run by Zoe Fisher
  • 7:00pm ~ Video Call with Dr Jen Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • Included: Meal Plan for Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner

Friday 22nd October

  • 6:30am ~ Workout run by Kate Rowe-Ham
  • 7:00pm ~ Video Call with Anxiety expert Sarie Taylor
  • Included: Meal Plan for Breakfast; Lunch and Dinner

25 Days and lots of ways to make this Christmas a Cracker

Coming soon

The Experts

Over the five days I’ve lined up some of the most wonderful women who will inspire and share their knowledge on how to tackle what can be a daunting journey

Dr Jennifer Cooney

Dr Jen is an expert Health Physiologist, University Lecturer and Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach. She has been studying and working in the area of Health and Well-being since 2004 and through her work, she has helped and supported people of all ages to improve their current and future health and well-being and to achieve their own unique goals.

Through her collaborations with the National Health Service (NHS), Dr Jen has also helped and supported people living with a range of health challenges (inc. arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, anxiety & depression).

Through her own devastating experience with symptoms of the perimenopause aged just 34, Jen is now focusing her Health Coaching and Health Consultancy specifically on helping and supporting women in this stage of their life. Shocked by the lack of awareness, medical support, misdiagnosis and needless suffering, Jen is making it her priority to help raise much needed awareness of the perimenopause and menopause and in particular for younger women.

Dr Annice Mukherjee

Dr Annice Mukherjee is a U.K. hormone specialist, speaker and author with almost 3 decades of experience in hospital medicine. Her specialism in hormones from the early days has always focussed on optimising quality of life in hormone diseases, imbalances and deficiencies. She was an NHS consultant at Salford Royal Hospital Trust until 2019, having worked in the NHS for 27 years.

Annice holds an elected national position on the Society for Endocrinology national programme committee and previously the Society’s clinical committee. She contributes to the Society’s patient website “You and Your Hormones”. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and member of the British Thyroid Association and British Menopause Society.

Her medical knowledge helped her hugely when she went through an early menopause due to a cancer diagnosis ten years ago. Annice is the author of “The Complete Guide to the Menopause” which was published by Penguin Random House on 28th January 2021.

Nicola Bryson

Nicola is a Pilates and Barre teacher based in Hove, East Sussex. First introduced to Pilates when she was studying Contemporary Dance at Leeds University, Nicola went on to train with Body Control Pilates in 2010 where she qualified to teach mat work, and then subsequently studio equipment as well as pre & postnatal Pilates. With over 10 years’ experience Nicola encompasses a holistic approach to her teaching with a strong focus on flowing choreography as well as functional movement building from her dance background.

Apart from movement, Nicola’s other interest is women’s health and she has brought these passions together to run successful Pilates and mindfulness retreats bringing like-minded women together for weekends of movement and self-care. 

Nicola currently teaches private Pilates lessons and group Barre classes in Hove as well as co-hosting charitable pop-up Pilates + Barre events in Sussex. 

Helen Fiddler

 Helen Fiddler is an experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Health & Wellness Coach, and Reiki Practitioner. 

Helen is passionate about using a holistic approach to support you in equipping yourself with the skills to develop your very own self-care toolkit – so you can actually ENJOY taking care of your mind and body.

What started off as a mission to simply be able to touch her toes soon became a real journey as Helen realised that her yoga practice left her feeling calmer, grounded, stronger and simply more peaceful. The breathing techniques and physical practices Helen teaches are the foundation to improve physical health, calm the mind and ultimately move deeper into a state of health and personal growth.  

After spending many years developing and evolving a holistic self-care toolkit for her own well-being, Helen has spent the last 6 years working with thousands of students and clients through classes, workshops, retreats and 1:1 work. She uses a combination of movement, breathwork and coaching to support her clients and students in their healing, growth and personal development.

Jenn Salib Huber

Jenn Salib Huber is Dietitian and Naturopathic Doctor, and she’s on a mission to help women find food and body joy in midlife.

She helps women become ex-dieters while navigating the physical and emotional changes that come with perimenopause and menopause, including their search for food freedom and body confidence. Working from a health at every size approach, she teaches women to become intuitive eaters and build body confidence at any stage of midlife.

Her 6-week group program – Beyond The Scale – helps women “undiet” their lives after 40 so they can nourish a relationship with food that supports health and well-being. She also offers an online self-study program, “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Peri/Menopause”, helps women go from hot, sweaty and tired, to calm, cool, and confident with integrative treatment options.

Diane Danzebrink

Diane Danzebrink is personal therapist, consultant and menopause counsellor with professional nurse training in menopause. She is the founder of the not for profit organisation Menopause Support which offers menopause education, information, guidance and support to the public via 1-1 video consultations, public workshops, a private facebook community and menopause awareness training and consultancy to businesses and organisations. 

In 2018 Diane founded the national #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign. The campaign is calling for mandatory menopause education for GPs and menopause guidance in every workplace. The campaign has been instrumental in ensuring that menopause has been added to the new RSE curriculum in secondary education in England and continues to call for this throughout the rest of the U.K.

Regularly interviewed about menopause and mental health in the media she has written about menopause for both the Telegraph and the Guardian and has contributed to several books about menopause and mental health and wellness. Diane is currently writing her first book.

The Experts

More coming soon

𝐊𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐰𝐞-𝐇𝐚𝐦

I am a Level 3 qualified personal trainer specialising in helping women reach their fitness potential. I will help you find a love for exercise, giving you tools you need to adopt a sustainable approach to exercise and giving you long-lasting results.

As a mum of 3, I know how our needs can fall by the wayside and I am passionate about motivating and inspiring women, and helping you find ways to make time to get fit and stay fit.

I know first hand how hard it can be to regain your body confidence especially after having children, and have first hand experience of heading into peri-menopause and know how some of the symptoms can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and anxious.

I want to encourage you to see how diet and exercise can make a positive impact on how you feel, and for you to gain an understanding of how mind and body work together, so you truly appreciate what you are capable of regardless of your shape, size or age.

Sarie Taylor

I’m Sarie Taylor, The Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor. I am a coach and a trained psychotherapist, who specialises in helping those who are getting in their own way to get change FAST! 

Don’t over-complicate things & don’t stay stuck! – Let me help you make that change TODAY, it doesn’t need to take forever! Don’t waste any more time without a Healthy Mind!

If you suffer with ANXIETY, OVERTHINK everything, or simply know you are not LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, then I am your woman!

Dr Katie Armstrong

Dr Katie Armstrong: Founder, Clinic51 Being an NHS GP and busy working mum in my 40’s, I understand only too well the impact that hormones can have on a woman’s life. 

I founded Clinic51 in 2020, to offer a holistic approach to women’s health. I firmly believe that we should not have to be at the mercy of our hormones; that women should continue to be happy and healthy, throughout their reproductive life, through the menopause, and beyond. 

At Clinic51 we are able to gather a full picture of your general health, how you are feeling, what matters to you, and how your symptoms are affecting your current quality of life -and what you want to get out of life in the future. Thankfully, there is more and more advice out there now about the effect of hormones and the menopause, but navigating it successfully can be a minefield. We are able to offer advice that is completely tailored to you, and your situation. 

As well as a being a practising GP, I also trained with Dr Louise Newson, The British Menopause Society and The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology – so offer access to the safest and most effective evidence-based treatments. 

I often give talks on women’s hormones and menopausal health on Instagram, in the workplace, or at wellness events. I believe it is important to share as much information about the menopause as possible, so that women can feel informed and empowered.

Zoe Fisher

Zoe Fisher has been teaching Pilates since 2010. Qualified with both Body Control Pilates and Basi Pilates, she has a wealth of experience teaching people from all walks of life. Initially using Pilates to rehabilitate her body after child birth and various training injuries, Pilates became a passion. Zoe encourages clients to explore the concept of inner strength and self-awareness through breath, movement and flow and although a passionate teacher – doesn’t like to see her clients taking anything ‘too’ seriously. It’s really important to enjoy the session no matter how gentle or challenging the experience. With regards to the challenges of mid-life, Zoe believes that this is a time of life when mental, physical and emotional well-being are unavoidably linked. Movement heals a multitude of sins. You don’t have to train hard ….just move mindfully each and every day. Zoe can be found teaching classes in West Sussex and also regularly creates free content for her You Tube channel Fisherpilates. 

Current passion projects are Glow for a Good Cause, not for profit events incorporating Pilates, Barre and Yoga where attendees will be rewarded with delicious treats after getting their Glow on for Macmillan Cancer Research, and also Retreat Yourself Pilates with groups heading to Cornwall and Greece in 2022.

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